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No Exam Life Insurance

Don’t like needles, doctor exams, or someone coming to your home and asking to step on a scale? No problem! No Exam life insurance is exactly what the name implies. We have companies that will issue up to 2 million dollars without seeing you in person! These policies also get issued faster!


Return of Premium Life Insurance

Ever wonder what happens to the money paid into a term life insurance policy and one outlives the term? You guessed it. The insurance keeps it! However, with Return of Premium life insurance that doesn’t happen. If you outlive your term, the company will return all the money you paid them! It can be a bit more expensive than regular term but worth considering!



Simply enter some basic information about yourself and click “Check My Rate”. Whawla, you’re on your way to shopping the market in just a few clicks!


This is where it gets good! Ok, good for life insurance 😊 You will be presented many carriers and have the ability to shop around! Just a few clicks or slides and you find great products!


Once you find the right choice, click apply! You will watch a 15-sec video and then you’ll fill out a 5 min application. We don’t ask for your social security number, drivers license or any real personal health information.

WE KEEP THINGS SIMPLE is truly making the experience in protecting your family with the protection of life insurance in the event of an unexpected death, as easy as 1-2-3. No more face to face meeting with agents. No more filling out a 40-50-page application! Everything is done online and should only take about 5-10 to get a Quote – Shop & Apply. All of our companies are top rated A or better, so you can rest assured you are getting a great price from a great reputable company!

We understand that times are changing and consumers are demanding the ability to shop and apply 24/7. Whether you’re at work, up late at night, on vacation or taking a stroll in the park, we got your covered and are here to help! If you have questions, great! You can schedule a time that works for you with our virtual booking calendar and we discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to helping you with your life insurance needs!


Image was created to service the life insurance needs of individuals looking to purchase life insurance due to a recent purchase or refinance of a property making sure that their loved ones would be provided for in the event of a death. Creating an outlet to secure life insurance without the usual “hassles” of obtaining coverage was our primary goal. Utilizing a simple online process to quote, compare and apply for coverage just became a reality and is only a few clicks away. Our firm has developed programs for life insurance and national discounts on own specialty disability coverage and we look forward to helping you secure the coverage that you are looking for.

- Michael Procaccini

- Michael Procaccini


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